General time consumption: ∆∆

Usual composition: mix from bachelor and master students

General description

The acquisitioncommittee is a committee dedicated to creating collaboration between (chemical) companies and the ACD. We provide possibilities for advertisements (banners, posters, posts) and special events. These kinds of collaborations are very important to the ACD, as without them we would miss out on a large part of our income. And less income, means less events for our members.

Is this committee something I want?

As a member of the acquisitioncommittee you will be having a lot of contact with companies. This means calling, e-mailing and just about any form of making contact you can imagine. You will make a ton of connections in the world you will enter after your education. If this sounds even remotely like something you would like, then the acquisitioncommittee is definitely something for you.

Example of this committee’s work

On the 23rd of june 2017, the acquisitioncommittee organized Bedrijvendag (Day of companies). The goal was to show the ACD-members what the chemical companies had to offer. After calling a lot of companies and sending many mails, we had our speakers from AkzoNobel, Incotec, SCM and Avantium. On top of that, we had a free lunch from AkzoNobel. One of the examples of how collaboration with these companies has very concrete benefits.

Chairman: Ben Kras

The acquisition committee can be contacted via the following mail address: