Kascontrolecommissie (KasCo)

General time consumption: ∆∆

Usual Composition: experienced active members of the ACD

General Description

It might be hard to believe, but even the treasurers of the ACD and ABC make mistakes. To prevent these mistakes from ever seeing the light of day, the KasCo checks and points out any mistakes in the bookkeeping. This keeps the bookkeeping of the  ACD reliable and correct.

Is this committee something I want?

Do you have experience with bookkeeping, or do you have any sort of affinity with monetary business? Then the KasCo might be something for you. The KasCo is voted in once a year at the Wissel ALV, so if you want to be in the committee, you should come to the ALV.

Members: Michael Doppert, Xander Becking, Robin Schatens, Marit Beerse.