PAC Foundation


PAC Symposium 2019

PAC-symposium 2020 will be held in Leiden! For more information please check the website of the PAC Foundation.

The PAC-symposium is organized every year by the study associations of the ACD, Chemisch Dispuut Leiden (CDL), the Utrechtse Scheikunde Studentenvereniging Proton (U.S.S. Proton) and the Vereniging van Chemiestudenten aan de Vrije Universiteit (VCSVU).

Several high-profile chemistry speakers will present their own research or their research field. Also, students can present posters from their internship or final research project at the jongKNCV Poster Competitie.

The 26th board of the Stichting PAC is constituted of seven students. The board consists of members from the four participating study associations: U.S.S. Proton, ACD, CDL, VCSVU. This ensures good communication between the study associations, teachers ad students of the different universities. The 26th board consists of:

Chairman: Daan Hoogers (CDL)
Secretary: Ben Kras  (ACD)
Treasurer: Geert Schulpen  (U.S.S. Proton)
Commissary Acquisition: Dennis Nijenhuis (VCSVU)
Commissary Location and Logistics: Rijk Huisman (CDL)
Commissary Speakers: Yvette Schipper  (VCSVU)
Website and Design: Sander Veen (VCSVU)


The PAC-board can be reached by