Activities and Bar Committee (ABC)

General time consumption: ∆∆∆∆

Usual composition: active mix from all years

General description

The ABC is responsible for organizing the weekly Friday Drinks, a few activities through the academic year and they are also responsible for the selection of snacks and drinks, available in our ‘hok’. Furthermore, the ABC is also a very fun group of people, who try to involve everyone in the association.

Is this committee something I want?

Are you ‘gezellig’ and do you have creative ideas for the next Friday Drinks? Can you keep your head cool in a stressful situation? Do you not mind to be sober and responsible for an evening? If your answer is three times yes, then this committee is definitely something you want.

Example of our committees work

Every year in October, we have the ‘Red October Borrel’. For this evening, different ingredients are squeezed in bottles of vodka. The aromas are then extracted into the vodka and these can be tasted and enjoyed at the bar. Examples are: Skittle, Cinnamon-Apple, Bubble Gum and Bacon Vodka is no exception.

Love from the ABC,

Chair: Floris Blom
Secretary: Tori Gijzen
Treasurer: Marit Beerse
Promotion: Martijn ten Brink
Purchase: Gijs Rombouts
Sales: Anne-fay de Jong

The activities and bar committee can be contact via the following mail address: