The Journal Committee

General time consumption: ∆

Usual composition: A mix from all the years (bachelors and masters)

General Description

The Journal Committee is responsible for our periodical, the ACiD. This periodical is printed four times per academic year and send to all our members and contributors. The ACiD is the source for our borrel and party pictures, but also for a good report about our excursions and lectures. A part from the ACD we also write about breaking news in the world of chemistry and we interview, for example, professors and researchers.

Is this committee something I want?

Of course, the committee is perfect for people who like to write great articles. But, that is not the only thing we do. We also need people that are always up to speed with the latest news from our members and people that are willing to interview our professors and researchers. And don’t forget about the photos! We also need people who can find the best pictures we’ve got from all the excursions, borrels and parties.

Example from the committee’s work

In July 2017 we printed the first luxury edition/ACD Quote. This edition was all about luxury and the best quotes from our members. Articles about diamond from peanut butter and crown ethers, an interview about cosmetics and the Quote 5 of the wealthiest ACD’ers are a few examples from our latest edition. As you can see it has something for everyone!

Greetings from the Journal Committee,

Chairman: Nadav Joosten
Secretary: Myrthe Zwart
Members: Maarten van Dorp, Michelle van Dongen, Alexandra Polyakova

The Journal Committee can be contacted via the following mail address: