Foreign Excursion Committee (BEC)

General time consumption: ∆∆∆∆

Usual composition: a mix of all the years, but mainly bachelor students

Average description

The ForeignExcursionCommittee (BEC) organizes an excursion to a foreign country every year for all the members of the ACD. During this trip, we visit companies and universities to see how chemistry is practised in this city. Ofcourse we also explore the city itself and its nightlife.

Is this committee something I want?

A lot has to be arranged in this committee. You should think of companies, universities, accomodation, transport and all the other activities. During the trip itself you are responsible that everyting goes smoothly. If it seems like fun to you to organize this unforgettable trip for your fellow students, then this committee is something for you.

Example of this committees work

In 2017 we visited the lovely and warm Lisbon, where we also visited two companies, Resiquimica and Hovione, and two universities. We also enjoyed the Portguese culture and nightlife.

Chairman: Nadav Joosten
Secretary: Mabel Dekker
Treasurer: Bart de Mooij
Members: Wendy Kossen, Rens van Roosmalen, Sverre Overdijk, Xander Becking, Bente Reus

The ForeignExcursionCommittee can be contacted via the following mail address: