Committee Appreciation Active Members (CWAL)

General time consumption: ∆

Usual composition: A mix from all the years (bachelors and masters)

General Description

The Committee Appreciation Active Members (CWAL) exists to brighten the year of the active members of the Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut. This committee organizes several activities throughout the year, only for the active members.

Is this committee something I want?

There are often one or two former board members that want to be part of this committee, because they still want to remain active within the association. Also, they already have a lot of knowledge of the association and it’s members. So if you have just finished your year in the board of do you have a lot of experience with organising activities, than this is the right committee for you!

Example from the committee’s work

The CWAL of 2016-2017 has, among other things, organized a dinner for all of the active members.

Members: Jelle Hofman, Lars Overwater, Anissa Haim

You contact the CWAL via the following mail