IT Committee

General time consumption: ∆

Usual composition: Three members with IT experience

General Description

The IT committee is responsible for the maintenance of the ACD website and the IT equipment (computers, printer and iPad) in the ACD room. The IT committee dedicates its time to keeping our website fresh and alive and solving problems regarding our IT equipment. However, does this committee also spend time on experimenting with our website so we come up with new and amazing ideas.

Is this committee something I want?

Do you like maintaining, updating and experimenting with websites? Do you like writing exclusive content for our website? Or are you that technical guy (or girl) who can solve our IT problems instantly? Well look no further, this is the committee you are looking for. You will spend your time mostly with solving bugs and problems on our website, writing posts and other content for our website and being our technical guy in the ACD room.

Example from the committee’s work

The IT committee introduced a FAQ in the summer of 2017 on the ACD website. Thanks to this FAQ many freshmen and other members can find the answer to their problem faster than before.

Chairman: Siza Kuin
Members: Jari Hoffmann, Myrthe Zwart, Hajo Groen, Jelle Hofman, Maartje van Rijn

The IT committee can be reached by emailing the board: