Committee Welcoming Firstyears (KOESt)

Average time consumption: ∆∆∆

Usual composition: Usually third- and second year students from the NSA and the ACD

General description

The KOESt introduces the new freshmen to the study associations NSA and ACD, with this, the KOESt is the only ACD-committee that contains members of two study associations.  The KOESt hosts the freshmen weekend and the faculty introduction day.   

Is this committee something I want?

Would you like to host two events for a large amount of freshmen? Can you handle a weekend with barely any sleep and hard work while still having a lot of fun? If your answer to both of these questions was yes, this committee is something you want!

Example of this committees work

The freshmen weekend is usually hosted on the last weekend of September and the KOESt organizes activities during the entire weekend to help freshmen meet each other. During this weekend, an average of 900 liters of beer is consumed!

Chairman: Rens van Roosmalen