Cooking Committee (KoCo)

General time consumption: ∆∆

Usual composition: mix from all the years

General description

The Cooking committee (KoCo) handles all the cooking within the association. This includes things like a meal for during the ALV, snacks during a funkyball tournament, or even a diner during the gala. We also organize cooking workshops. At every one of our events we’re looking for people to help us cook.

Is this committee something I want?

If you like cooking, then yes. If you’re also good at it, then definitely yes. If you’re not, not a problem, you’ll learn everything you need along the way. Cooking with the KoCo is slightly different than cooking for yourself. That’s because you’ll be cooking for large groups of people and that brings with it a whole new set of problems. If you’re brave enough to tackle these problems and even think you might enjoy it, then the KoCo is definitely the committee for you.

Example of this committee’s work

The cooking committee arranged the meal for during the election ALV of the 72nd board. For a small price everyone received 2 falafel wraps. Considering the time slot the ALV took place, this was a huge succes.

Chairman: Rens van Roosmalen
Members: Nadav Joosten, Amelia van Limburg Stirum, Mara Swart, Emalisa Antonioli

The Cooking Committee can be reached via the following mail address: