Lecture and ExcursionCommittee (LEC)

General time consumption: ∆∆

Usual composition: A mix of all the years, but mainly bachelor students

General Description

The Lecture- and ExcursionCommittee, or LEC, organizes lectures and excursions for the members of the ACD. During excursions, we visit companies to see how chemistry plays a role in their business. In the past we have visited companies like Avantium or Tata Steel. During lectures, not only speakers from different companies but also Phd’ers are invited to talk about their research.

Is this committee something I want?

If it sounds like fun to you to organize lectures and excursions, then this committee is definitely something for you. You will get in contact with companies and build a network. Organizing and working together are important skills, that you can develop in this committee.

Example of this committee’s work

At the beginning of each academic year the LEC organizes a themed symposium, for example Chemistry and Beauty or Chemistry and Food. Multiple speakers will come and talk about what this theme means within their careers or their company.

Members: Floris BlomSiebe Lekanne Deprez, Ben Kras, Siza Kuin, Bente Reus

The Lecture and ExcursionCommittee can be contacted via the following mail address: