Master Activities Committee (MAC)

Average time consumption: Δ

Average committee composition: this committee consists solely of Master students.

General Description
Though the MAC is the youngest committee of the ACD, its aim is clear: to organise recreational activities for Master students. This means that the MAC is a committee for and by Master students and seeks to provide opportunities for students from different tracks to get to know each other.

Is this committee something for me?
If you are a Master student and are interested in getting to know your fellow Master students and the ACD better, then this is the committee for you. The committee is also very welcoming to foreign students as meetings will be held in English and it’s also a great way to get acquainted with Dutch colleagues. Because of the modest workload the MAC is easily combined with your study and stays interesting throughout the year. So whether you are new or a veteran to the ACD, consider joining the MAC if you are interested in bonding with your fellow Master students and organising fun activities for them.

Previous activities
Last year the MAC has organised activities like a pool tournament, pub-crawl and barbecue.

Chairman: Julian Ruijter
Members: Klaas Visscher, Bastiaan Kooij, Mateo Sanclemente, Bart de Mooij, Michael Doppert, Cooper Crippen, Anna Butter

The MAC can be contacted via the following mail address: