General time consumption: ∆

General composition: mix of all years

General descriptiom

The sportscommittee is responsible for the sports activities at the ACD. Besides studying and attending the Friday Drinks, it is sometimes needed to exercise a little bit. Switch off your brain and blow out your energy at the sporting events. The sports activities take place about four times a year. During these events you can win points for the ACD’ers of the year contest. So be there if you want to become sports(wo)man of the year!

Is this committee something I want?

This committee is perfect for all sports fans. But also people who do not love sports as much can join the committee. If you like organizing things, you are definitely useful. We can use all the help we can get.

Example of our committees work

Every year a football contest is held. Teams can sign up for the tournament. It is fun every year and there often is good food as well. Many different events have been organized like ‘poldersports’, curling, a volleyball tournament and many more. Something for everyone!

Chair: Kevin Smit
Members: Jens Tolboom, Tijmen Menist, José Nijman, Lars Wielhouwer, Stijn Engelaar

The sportscommittee can contacted via the following mail address: