General time consumption: ∆∆

Usual composition: a mix from all years

General description

The wintersportcommittee organizes a skiing trip every year. This committee arranges everything that is necessary for the trip to be a great success. This includes everything from booking the trip to getting as much sponsors to support us, so that ACD members can join for a reasonable price. Preparation for this committee start a year in advance.

Is this committee suited for me?

The tasks within the committee vary significantly. Apart from the regular chair, secretary and treasurer, there is also a head of PR and acquisition within the committee. This member is essential because without him/her, the costs for the trip might run a little wild. Communication is crucial in the organization of the trip and as a committee member, you are responsible for the wellbeing of your fellow students. Are you interested in organizing the biggest, bestest and funnest trip the ACD has to offer? Then this committee is definitely for you.

This years trip

In february of 2020 the ACD will have its third skiing trip. The weekend will be filled with skiing, joint activities and some wintery drinks and food.

Chair: Anissa Haim
Head of PR & Acquisition: 
General member: Martijn ten Brink, Maartje van Rijn, Pim Broersen, Mees Kuipers, Bart de Mooij

The wintersportscommittee can be contacted via: