Updates COVID-19

On this page all the updates on the measures of the ACD surrounding the COVID-19 situation will be given.

Information about the situation around COVID-19 comes from many different sources. At these sources reliable information can be found about the development of the situation.

  • All updates from the UvA can be found here.
  • Frequently asked questions about the start of next study year at the UvA can be found here.
  • All updates from the VU can be found here.
  • The Program Committee (OC) is of course following this as well. If you are especially affected or have ideas for alternatives you can reach those operationally responsible for the education (course coordinator or (s.s.kinderman@uva.nl/j.j.m.peters@uva.nl) and after that the OC (ocs-science@uva.nl).
  • For current updates from the RIVM about the virus in the Netherlands, click here.


  • The Flux-festival of this year is cancelled.


  • The board has made a Discord-channel for all members of the ACD. This way, all members can talk to each other and we can host online ‘borrels’ here. Members that are logged in to the ACD-website can see a link below to join the channel.


  • All measures of the ACD are now in force until the 1st of June.
  • The ONCS is cancelled.
  • The ACD is organising online activities. You can expect things like online ‘borrels’, lectures and other fun activities.


  • The courses in period 5 of the UvA will be given online, as long as needed.
  • Appointments with the study advisor (Ambi Oosterhout) are now all via telephone. Making an appointment works the same way as before.


  • The VU is completely closed up until the 6nd of April.
  • All measures of the ACD are now in force up until the 6th of April.


  • The party on the 3rd of April that would be hosted together with Spectrum is cancelled.
  • The BEC-excursion to Sevilla is cancelled. All members that would have joined the trip have received an e-mail with more information.
  • All study spaces at the UvA are closed. You are requested to work from home.


  • All lectures and exams at the UvA and VU up until the 31st of March are cancelled.
  • All activities of the ACD up until the 2nd of April are cancelled. This includes al borrels (drinks) in this period. This includes:
    • Borrel (drinks) (13-03)
    • Boardinformationevening (18-03)
    • Bouldering (19-03)
    • ACD-symposium (20-03)
    • Borrel (drinks) (20-03)
    • Vol gas in je badjas Borrel (drinks) (27-03)
  • The ACD-rooms at the UvA and VU are closed up until the 31st of March.
  • All committees are not allowed to have physical meetings up until the 31st of March. They can communicate using WhatsApp or a videoconference.
  • The measures past the 31st of March are not clear yet. These will align with the advice of the UvA and the VU.