After half a year of hard work from the Almanac Committee, we can finally present to you the Almanac of the Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut! For each and every one of you, there is an almanac ready in the ACD-room at Science Park. You can pick it up there whenever there is someone from the board during the board-shifts. If you’re not able to come to Science Park during those shifts, you can either mail the board for a different pick-up time, or we can send it to you (the latter costs €4 and mail the Almanac Committee for this). The Almanac will also be present at future physical SLA-activities (whenever they are allowed). For the people that cannot wait to see it, the almanac is posted below. Fortunately, the Almanacs won’t run away, so you can also wait for the physical education to start before picking it up. 

Disclaimer: The Almanac is in Dutch and may therefore not be as interesting for non-Dutch speaking students. You are, however, more than welcome to read it anyway and maybe improve your Dutch!