United Alumni of the ACD (VOLA)



The United Alumni of the ACD (in Dutch: VOLA) is responsible for organizing activities for the alumni of the ACD (e.g. activities for networking and lectures followed by a drink). These activities are a great opportunity to see your old study friends again and to get to know what they are doing now. To participate a donation of €15,- a year gives you the right to attend the activities and to receive the ACD periodical (ACiD) and/or the ACD almanac.

The first two years of participation are free for recently graduated alumni, after two years the donation of €15,- a year is required to keep taking part in the VOLA activities.

Do you want to know more? Or do you want to join the VOLA? Send an e-mail to VOLA@acdweb.nl.
You can also download the membership form below, fill it in (digitally) and send it by e-mail or post.


Members: Joost Koning, Floris Blom, Sam Hulscher, and Kirsten Pama