Board Member Tasks


(Nikita van der Gun)

Ultimately the chair is responsible for the association. In various ways, you are keeping the association running. Firstly, you chair the board meetings and make the agenda. With these meetings, you stay informed about everything that is going on and ensure that everyone performs their tasks. You are also chair of the General Member Meetings, where you ensure that the meetings run entirely according to the Internal Regulations and Bylaws. Besides this, you are the face of the association. This means two things. Firstly, you are the face of the association and the board for your members, so it is important to attend the ACD rooms and activities as often as possible. Secondly, you are the face of the ACD for other associations, the university, and other organizations. With (many) meetings, activities, and many conversations, you ensure that the ACD’s relationship with all contacts is maintained. Finally, you have many more diverse responsibilities, but if they are all listed, this will be a big piece of text. You can always address the chairman to ask about the (not mentioned) tasks and more!

(Kirsten Pama)

As secretary, you have a lot of fixed tasks on the board. First of all, you are responsible for the minutes. These have to be made at every board meeting. This is important, because this is the way that every board member can read back on what has been discussed and decided. The General Member Meetings also require the secretary to make the minutes. These are a lot more detailed and take more time to finish. Next to this, the secretary also writes biweekly emails to all the members. These include information on activities of the ACD and other things that might be interesting to the members. The secretary does not write all the texts but makes sure that everything is included correctly in the mail. The secretary also keeps track of the board mail: all incoming mails need to be tagged for the right board member. E-mail contact with other associations is also mostly made by the secretary. Another important task is keeping track of the member administration. Each year, the ACD gets new members and old members leave the association. This has to be noted in the member administration so that the right persons get the biweekly mail for example. The secretary mostly doesn’t have as much committee work as the other board members.

(Janne van Asselt)

As treasurer of the ACD, you are responsible for all the money-related matters within the association. This implies that you do the bookkeeping of the association and, in collaboration with the treasurer of the ABC, make sure the finances of all our committees are well organized. This includes filing tax returns and making budgets and financial realizations. Besides that, you make quite some invoices and collaboration agreements for external parties and arrange all payments to and from the ACD. The bookkeeping is checked by the KasCo to make sure the bookkeeping is correct. In addition, you take place in the BEC, where you take care of the finances and are applying for funds and subsidies for our study trip. Because there is no Commissioner of External Affairs this year, the treasurer also takes part in the Acquisition committee, where you contact companies aiming at making new collaborations.

Commissioner of Education
(Ole van Tiel)

The Commissioner of Education is one of the positions that distinguish a study association from a student association. Within this position, you try to keep good contact with the educational staff so that when something is wrong, for example, problems with the timetable, you can easily go to the right people. This is done, among other things, by sometimes participating in the team coordinator meeting with the chairman. You are also there to help students with their studies. This is done by facilitating sales of books and lab coats, organizing orientation markets, updating the site with practice exams, and keeping in touch with the Program Committee (OC). It is not uncommon to take place in the OC as a Commissioner of Education. As a last regular activity, you are also there to facilitate tutoring, which is requested by high school students or just fellow chemistry students who have difficulties with a course. These things form the fixed part of the position, but, in addition, as a Commissioner of Education, you have a lot of freedom to take place in many committees, try new things and support your fellow board members. Because there is no Commissioner of External Affairs this year, the Commissioner of Education also takes place in the Lecture and Excursion Committee and in the Foreign Excursion Committee. In short, it is a very varied position, which can be filled in however the commissioner wants to.

Commissioner of Activities
(Lucas Been)

As Commissioner of Activities of the ACD, you are responsible for a large amount of the committees that create fun in our association. First of all, you are the chairman of the General Bar Committee (ABC) and the activity committee, ACTIE!. The ABC keeps track of the stock of a variety of drinks and snacks and hosts the weekly borrels. The ACTIE! organizes all kinds of fun activities, such as sports activities. This way you will, together with the committees, try to involve all members of the ACD. Furthermore, you are responsible for the party committee. Due to a lot of space for creativity in this board function, you can help in other committees. For example by taking place in the party committee or the AJW committee. Besides the committees of the ACD, you will coordinate a lot of the collaboration between the ACD and its sister and brother associations. For instance taking place on the board of ‘Stichting Brainwave’, which takes care of the Bar at Science Park.

Commissioner of External Affairs

As Commissioner of External Affairs, you are responsible for maintaining the external contacts of the ACD. This includes all companies and research institutes with which the ACD collaborates or wants to collaborate. The way in which the contact is maintained can be divided into two branches: study-related and sponsorships. The study-related part includes all lectures and excursions that are organized during the academic year, including the foreign excursion in which several universities, institutes, and companies are visited. As Commissioner of External Affairs, it is your job to ensure that all lectures and excursions are conducted as smoothly as possible. Through the lectures and excursions, students have the opportunity to orient themselves in various chemical fields parallel to the study itself. The sponsorships part revolves around the acquisition, which is essential for financing all activities of the ACD. You will contact various companies to ask if they want to (re-)enter into a partnership. This process is not all fun and games, but once it works it gives a lot of satisfaction. Of course, you won’t do all this alone, you do this together with the amazing members of the Lectures and Excursion Committee, the Foreign Excursion Committee, and the Acquisition Committee.