Young KNCV is the youth department of the KNCV. Young KNCV connects young chemists (up to the age of 36) by organising activities with an informative, relaxed and social character. Examples of these are company visits, lectures, but also pubquizes. During our meetings you can meet fellow students from different universities and high schools and also peers from industry, academics and government. Young KNCV provides a unique chance to experience what occurs in the Netherlands in your discipline. Mark Hoorens, board member of the Young KNCV, will explain in this video what membership has yielded for him.

Become a member of the KNCV

To optimally use this network of peers, becoming a member is a reaction that must be initiated by you. You will also profit from the many advantages a member receives, such as a subscription to C2W, contacts with peers, improvements of your career opportunities through trainings, coaching, workshops and events.