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With this form, you can become a member of the Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut (ACD). This will give you access to all the fantastic activities the ACD organises, such as lectures, excursions, sport-events, weekend trips, a skiing trip and a foreign excursion. You will also receive our magazine every three months, in which you will find an update on everything happening within the chemistry field and the ACD. You can also use our services such as a discount on your study books.

You can become a member of the ACD if you study a chemistry bachelor’s or master’s programme at the UvA or the VU. If you are following only some chemistry courses, which is the case with a minor or major in chemistry, you can also become a member. If you do not qualify, but you still want to be a member, you can send an e-mail to the board of the ACD (

For only €21 (Bachelor’s Chemistry) or €14 (Master’s Chemistry) you will be a member until you receive your diploma. Your membership application is completed when you’ve paid. This can be done by transferring the required amount of money to NL45 INGB 0000154992 in the name of Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut, mentioning ‘your full name + membership bachelor/master student’. You can also pay by pin at a later moment in our association room, which is located in room A0.09 at Science Park.

Caution: access to the website is only granted after receiving your membership contribution. Access to the website is needed to order your study books with a discount.