Shell is global energy company. We are in transition, moving from oil, via gas to a CO2 neutral energy supplier with a mix of renewable sources on the longer term. The energy transition is going together with an enormous increase in energy and demand for chemicals. This is a challenge for our society and for our company. For this we need also chemists like you.

Shell holds deep understanding of how energy systems might change. We have a clear strategy which sets a competitive path forward to create a world class investment case by delivering more and cleaner energy solutions.

Shell believes in the need for society as a whole to address the climate challenge. We think a long-term goal for the world to achieve net zero emissions is challenging but feasible and will require urgent action and long-term vision from policymakers to stimulate commercial and consumer opportunities. Shell will play its role where it makes commercial sense.

Shell is confident in its long-term ability to evolve with the energy system and provide the energy and related products that people want in their lives.

Shell’s technological capacity, customer-perspective, operational experience and market knowledge mean we are at the forefront of many interesting new technologies and opportunities.

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