Perhaps you already know the ACD (Amsterdams Chemisch Dispuut), the students association for chemistry on the UvA and VU. The new board of the association was constituted on the 29th of September and a new and exciting year has begun!

Maybe you already visited the RTTR (RoeTerToeteR) during opening hours and had a drink (or quite a bit more). Or it could be that you support the concept of a students association with a bar where students can gather (not only for the booze, also for coffee). The aim of the ACD is to make the years of study at this university for all students as pleasant as possible. If you think this is all for a good cause, than we supply you with the option to become a benefactor of the ACD!

When you’re a benefactor you can choose to receive the ACD-magazine (in dutch, but also with comics and puzzles) or you can receive news of the various activities of the ACD and the RTTR. Of course, as a benefactor, you can join in on all these fun activities. All donated money is put to a good use. There is a so called ‘zusjesavond’ to get to know the boards of other chemistry associations in the Netherlands.

So how do you become a benefactor? There are two ways:

You can come by the ACD-chamber (A0.09) between 12.00 and 13.00 to fill in a form and make your donation (in cash).

You can also deposit it on our bank account (nr. 154992) with mention of your name. Don’t forget to also send us an email at with your personal data and whether you want to receive the magazine and/or information about the activities in the RTTR/ACD.

The minimum amount you can donate is € 10,- and one donation makes you a benefactor for one year. If you want more information about us, you can always send an email.