UPDATE Fundraising for labcoats and safety goggles

In the last weeks we have already collected € 1953.50 with the ACD. On the recommendation of the Red Cross, the lab coats were delivered directly to a general practitioner in Amstelveen. They then distributed 77 coats and 20 glasses to GPs in the area. We also donated 60 glasses to Odion in Alkmaar. The …
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Fundraising for labcoats and safety goggles

Dear ACD’ers, students and other people, These weird times require a contribution from everyone. There is a big need for protecting tools, we as a chemical study association can help donating a part of our stock; 72 lab coats and 80 safety glasses. A lab coat costs €23,- and glasses €6,-. The first 60 glasses …
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Excursion AMOLF

Hello! Soon the LEC organizes the first excursion of 2020, a visit to AMOLF. This is one of the research institutes of the Dutch Organisation for Academic Research (NWO). In collaboration with academia and industry AMOLF focuses on leading fundamental research into new, strategically important, complex molecular and material systems. These systems are organized into …
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Studyrooms Examweek

The exams are coming up again and that means that we have reserved studyrooms for you on Science Park. The following rooms are available to torture your brains in next week: 16-12: B0.206 17-12: B0.206 18-12: B0.206 19-12: B0.201 20-12: B0.207 Good luck with your exams!

AkzoNobel Excursion

Hello! The LEC organizes an excursion to AkzoNobel. This company is well known in the Netherlands as it is a Dutch multinational company with establishments in more than 80 countries. AkzoNobel specializes in paint and coating production. In order to optimize this process, the company uses catalysts. Since the Bachelor offers several courses about catalysis, …
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