Promotioncommittee (PromoCie)

General time consumption: ∆∆

Usual composition: mix from all the years

General description

The PromoCie is a committee that deals with making promotional material like posters. The PromoCie usually does this at the request of other committees so you won’t have to be scared you’ll get a writersblock. Posters produced by the committee will be put up in the commonroom of the association and will be posted on facebook, for everyone to adore.

Is this committee something for me?

If you are well versed in photoshop, this really is the committee for you. If you are not familiar with it though, but are willing to learn, then you are also very welcome to join; the rest of the committee would love to teach you. Is your head about to explode with ideas about other types of advertisement? You’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Example of this committee’s work

For the applications for the 74th board of the Amsterdam Chemisch Dispuut the PromoCie made posters that were distributed in the commonroom and on the facebook pages.

Chair: Sam Hulscher
Secretary: Jari Hoffmann
Members: Martijn ten Brink, Leire Honold

The PromoCie can be reached via the following mail address: