You might already be (well) acquainted with the ACD (Amsterdams Chemich Dispuut), originally UvA’s chemistry study association, and since college year ’13-’14, that of all of Amsterdam.

It might be that you used to be a member of the ACD (or another study association, or that you have attended a borrel at the RTTR (RoeTerToeteR). Or maybe you just support the idea of a study association in general. The ACD exists to make the life of a Chemistry student in Amsterdam easier. So maybe you would like to support us by becoming a benefactor!

As a benefactor, you have the choice to receive our periodical, the ACiD, or to get updates on our activities and borrels. A huge benefit is that you get to participate in all the fun!

Al the money that you donate will, of course, be put to good use. We are planning to keep supporting the students with their physical study needs and social maintenance. We are also planning to better maintain contact with the other study associations, for example by organizing a sister night.

Well, how do you become a benefactor? There are two ways:

You can come to the ACD-room (A0.09) between 12:00 and 13:00 to fill in a form and pay your donation by pin.

The other option is to fill out the benefactor form online, you can find it here.

A donation is at least € 10,- and your benefactor status lasts 1 year. Do you want more information about us, you can always send a mail.