Focus Session

FocusSession guides you in studying in an effective and healthy way. It teaches you how to stop procrastinating and get more satisfaction from your studies.

The last half year we’ve researched how to study in a way that is more productive, and at the same time reduces stress and improves the quality of your work. After several prototypes the research has resulted in the ‘FocusSession’; A study method we offer in cooperation with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies. During this five hour session, you are free to work on your own assignments. We assist you by providing short mental and physical exercises that heighten focus, help get rid of distractions, and reduce stress; resulting in a more enjoyable study experience. Moreover we apply the pomodoro-technique which helps you overcome procrastination and teaches you a healthy study rhythm. During our prototype sessions we noticed that students who normally are productive for about 30-60% of their studying, reach around 90% productivity during our FocusSessions!
Because studying shouldn’t only be about hard labor, there’ll be good coffee, tea and a lunch during which you can socialize with other students. Instead of studying in isolation, we offer a social environment that inspires you to focus on your studies. Together we make a group effort to turn those dreaded never ending study sessions into a streamlined and social event.

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Location: Universiteits Bibliotheek (UB), Potgieterszaal (C0.01)
Date: Every Saturday, starting 23rd of april!
Time: 11:00 – 16:00
Price: €25 per session (lunch, coffee and tea included!)
First time price: €20