Freshmen committee (EJC)

General time consumption: ∆

General composition: this committee solely consists of first year students

General Description

The freshmen committee, abbreviated from Dutch to EJC, is a committee by freshmen for freshmen. The committee aims to bring the freshmen closer together and to make them feel welcome at the university and the ACD. To this end the EJC will organize several fun activities differing from the normal social drinks and lectures. What better way to get to know your fellow students than an hour of awkward ballroom dancing.

Is this something I want?

This committee is an exciting way to acquaintance yourself with being in a committee. Because it is likely that nobody in the committee has been in a committee before, the EJC presents an opportunity to explore what works and what doesn’t in a committee. This doesn’t mean that you are completely on your own though, as you can always ask the board, or other committees for that matter, for help. Aside from being in the committee itself, the work to be done for it is fun too. Although the amount of work might seem daunting at first, in reality the committee doesn’t require that much time is fairly flexible in its workload. In short, if you would like to join a committee that doesn’t require that much time and work, and also is a lot of fun, then consider the EJC.

Example of our committees work

In the previous years numerous activities have been organized by the EJC. These activities range from climbing on the climbing wall in the USC, to dancing, visiting the telescope, and picnicking. When it comes to which activities might be organized, the sky is the limit.

Chair: Mike Meulendijks
Secretary: Melanie Messih
Treasurer: Roberto Cappabianca
General member: David Möhringer

The EJC can be contacted via the following mail address: